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Live Bingo and Internet Bingo Games

Bingo is a game of chance in which randomly drawn numbers are matched by bingo players to numbers appearing on their bingo cards. Bingo games are still very popular in both land based casinos as well as at internet bingo sites where players can play bingo online for real money or for free.

You can play bingo games at land based bingo halls in two basic forms. One of these forms involves a bit of skill. Unfortunately (or fortunately) when you play bingo online at internet bingo sites there is absolutely no skill involved.

  • bingo machines – electronic slot machine where bingo numbers are automatically drawn and then matched to virtual bingo cards. Advantage is the high number of bingo games you can play in relatively short time period. Because many gamblers were able to take advantage of predictable payout system almost all of the bingo slot machines were removed from casinos.
Slot Machine
  • live bingo - as the most popular form of bingo fortunately remained. The bingo numbers are drawn by real person - casino attendant. Participating bingo players mark drawn numbers located on their bingo cards. Each bingo card has the numbers located randomly so best bingo players usually find called numbers faster. If two players complete bingo pattern at the same time the faster one is winner - there is skill involved in land-based bingo. That's not the case when players play bingo online at internet bingo sites.

National Bingo Night

Bingo is also very popular in its TV version as National Bingo Night in United States and Australia. Where both the studio audience and viewers at home can play along with pre-printed bingo cards to win fabulous prizes.

What is Internet Bingo?

We can say that internet bingo is somewhere between live land based bingo and the bingo slot machines. When bingo players play bingo online the numbers are drawn by RNG (random number generator) just like it was in bingo slot machines. Online bingo games based on electronic RNG are less time consuming so bingo players can play online more bingo games. Numbers on bingo cards online are marked automatically. So when two or more players complete the bingo pattern at the same time they have to split the prize. Online bingo just as live land based bingo, is multiplayer game and has most of the fun of the brick and mortar bingo games. While players play bingo online with their friends, chat in internet bingo chat room or make new friends to have even more fun. Internet Bingo

Most Popular Bingo Forms

Players can play bingo online as in two most popular forms. The main difference between these forms is in the bingo cards layout and in number of bingo balls drawn:

  • US Internet Bingo – bingo players match drawn numbers to numbers on bingo cards that consist of 5x5 matrices. This form of bingo is most popular in USA and Canada. U.S. Online bingo games can take from seconds to few minutes depending on the bingo pattern.
US Bingo
  • UK Internet Bingo - online bingo players match drawn numbers to numbers on bingo cards that consist of 3x9 matrices. This form of bingo games is most popular in United Kingdom and Australia where it is also called housie. UK bingo takes usually between four and four and a half minutes.
UK Bingo

Casinator brings you internet bingo sites where you can play bingo online games for real money and even free online bingo games in both U.S. and UK versions. Just check description of each listed internet bingo hall to find out if it offers US 75 ball bingo and/or 90 ball UK bingo.

Internet Bingo Players


Internet bingo is especially popular among female players. Because online bingo games are not only played just for the gambling factor. Internet bingo is also played for socializing factor. Women play bingo online not just to win, but to meet their friends in the chat rooms and to make new friends.

Recently also more and more men start to play bingo games online. Playing online bingo games is about fun, friendship and loyalty. It is important to choose the right online bingo site with active community and promotions that can increase the fun. Progressive jackpots and special bonuses are great way how to maximize chance of winning and play free bingo games online.

Play Bingo Online at Best Internet Bingo Sites reviewed the best internet bingo sites. According to your preferences you can use internet bingo sites comparison in sections below to play bingo online at best possible bingo site just for you:

  • Best Online Bingo Bonus Offers - Play bingo at internet bingo sites with best sign up deposit bonuses and loyalty bonuses. These bonuses allow you to play online bingo games with extra money that you are able to clear when playing online bingo games for real money. Casinator did not only consider how big are the bingo bonuses but also how easy are these bonuses cleared.

  • Free No Deposit Bingo Bonuses - If you want to try internet bingo room before making a deposit or just play free bingo games for real cash prizes with no risk these free bingo bonuses with no deposit required are excellent choice. The winnings can be withdrawn.
  • Free Bingo Cards - Try internet bingo with free bingo cards and if you enjoy it then make deposit and play bingo games for real cash. Winnings received when playing with free bingo cards cannot ne cashed out.
Best Bingo Bonuses Ball
Pattern   Free bingo bonuses on first deposit  
bingo site restrictions bonus
Ladbrokes Ladbrokes Bingo
USA, DE, HK, VI 300% - £30
MoonBingo Moon Bingo
US, CZ, BG, SK, PL.. 300% - £100
BingoDay Bingo Day
US, CN, BG, HK, TR... 200% - £100
No Deposit Bingo Bonuses Ball
Pattern   Play free bingo win real cash with no deposit bonuses  
bingo site restrictions bonus
123 Bingo Online Downtown
UK, RU, UA, CZ, HU, IL, PL, RO... $25
BingoFlash Bingo Flash
TR, CR, DK, RU, RO... $50
Game Village Game Village
USA, CA, FR, IT, ES... £5
Free Bingo Cards Online Ball
Bingo Pattern   Get free bingo cards to try online bingo games risk free  
bingo site restrictions free cards
Epic Bingo Epic Bingo
Eastern Europe, Middle East 200
BingoMania Bingo Mania
none 500
CanadianDollar Bingo CA Dollar Bingo
Panama 200
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