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Free Poker Odds Calculator Online
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Free Poker Odds Calculator Online
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Free Poker Odds Calculator

Free Poker Odds Calculator
Aced All In 45 offsuit   Board Bad Beat or Bad Play?

Ever happened to you that you were called „donkey“ or „luckbox“ even in case you called aggressive player all-in and won the pot with pocket fives against his AK (it is called Anna Kournikova for a reason). It’s always good idea to check the poker hand odds using odds calculator before you call somebody a „sucker“. Even more sensible reason for the use of poker odds calculator is to know the poker hand odds and make profitable decisions. 

The free online poker odds calculator below calculates Texas Hold'em odds in heads up play. Just choose your hole cards and starting hand of your opponent and click the „Get Odds“ button and the free calculator will calculate winning poker odds of each hand. With the help of this free poker odds calculator you can also calculate Texas Holdem poker hand odds pre-flop, on the flop and up to the turn. It is very simple tool to find out what are your odds of winning poker hand.  

Live Texas Holdem Odds

Professional poker software odds calculators offer much more options and besides your chance of winning, some of them display also odds of hitting draw, pot odds and take into account also your position and action of your opponents. However you can also count the poker pot odds and draw odds yourself with just simple math according to instructions in following draw poker odds section, right below the calculator. There are also absolutely free odds calculators available from some online poker rooms based on solid professional platform. Below you can find the best ones.

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Best Professional Poker Odds Calculators
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Bet K8 offsuit Call   Board Draw Poker Odds

It may seem kind of difficult to calculate exact poker odds of hitting a draw when you are playing poker. Free poker odds calculator online can do the math for you but what if you cannot use it? There is a simple trick you can use for estimating draw poker odds what is very important skill if you want to learn to play poker and win. There is no need to use calculator nor you need to be a math genius, of course you need to be familiar with poker rules and with poker hand rankings.

First you need to count how many outs do you have. Poker calculator software can do it for you but it is not that complicated. Outs are cards available that will give poker hand you are drawing to. For instance if you hold Ah 6h and the flop comes Qd 7h 2h you have a flush draw. There are thirteen hearts in the deck in total. Two of them are in our hand and two on the flop so that is four. That means there are nine hearts left in the deck and we have turn and river to hit our outs.

Flush Draw OddsOdds Calculating Software
Approximated poker odds vs. Pokerbility calculated odds

The trick to figure out the approximate chance of hitting the flush is to multiply your outs (9 hearts) times the number of chances to hit it (2 - turn and river). So that would be nine outs multiplied by two chances and that is 18. Then we just take this number, multiply times two, and we get the poker hand odds percentage value. So the approximate percentage that we will make the flush is 36%. The free poker odds calculator software would give you the exact percentage - 34.97%. In case you hold the Jd Th you would have open ended straight draw with eight outs (four kings and four eights). We have two chances to hit our outs so that is 16. We multiply times two and we get approximately 32%. The Texas Holdem poker odds calculator software would give us the exact number - 31.46%. 

Keep in mind that the percentage stated is the percentage of the time that you will hit your draw, not the percentage that you will win the pot.

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Free Poker Odds Calculator Online

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