6-max Game Flow - How to play AK preflop

This video will discuss the concept of game flow in 6-max cash games. It's an important concept to talk about in poker especially for 6-max games which tend to be a lot more aggressive, where often times you are playing the player more then your cards.

A good example of game flow came up when I was playing 25nl 6-max on FTP. In one particular hand I was not involved in, a player with a low vpip/pfr (explanation of these poker HUD indicators) which is definitely not very aggressive stats, 3bet in position a player who raised in early position. The original raiser 4bet quite big and the 3bettor just layed down their hand.

A few hands later I was dealt AKo on the BTN which I make a standard raise with. The same player who 3bet a few hands previously was to my left in the BB, 3bets.

Now what options do you have? I can call the 3bet in position with AK, which wouldn't be bad play. However, if you consider game flow and the 3bettor would be more likely to make a stand with their 3bet, I decide to 4bet. Because I raised on the BTN, my perceived 4bet range would be wider and so they would be willing to stack off light.

A lot of the time you will either have them dominated when they have a worse Ax. Its unlikely they have KK/AA because I have AK. And if they have JJ/QQ its a race. Even though the player had somewhat nitty stats, game flow would have effected how they played this hand.

If you calculate the equity using Pokerstove, you can see that you have 63% equity against a tight range like this, so it will make money in the long run. There can be situations where you don't play AK preflop aggressively, but when you consider game flow a lot of the time you will want to play AK like KK/AA.

As the hand played out, villain 5bet shoves light with AJo and I did have them dominated.