Blind vs Blind Battles

BVB battles happen often when playing short handed. The small blind and big lind are the most difficult positions to play in no limit holdem because you are playing in pots out of position.

It's generally agreed that limping from the small blind is a bad play. You should be either raising or folding. If you are in the big blind and the small blind limps in, you know they are a weak tight player and just want to see the flop cheap.

In the small blind you should be raising with any two cards if the big blind is a tight player and only raising good hands if the big blind is defending their blinds or 3betting you often.

Playing in the big blind is a lot like playing on the button in bvb battles because you are last to act in the hand.

Now although the raising range in the big blind is the same as the button, in this particular hand it demonstrates how it can be worthwhile being decepting in the BB when you have an ace and suspect the small blind to be very weak. You can assume they have bad cards when they just limp in from the small blind.

I am dealt A5o in BB and the SB limps in. The flop is KJK and the SB leads out. Because it was a limped pot they probably have nothing so I call the bet expecting A high to be good. The turn goes check/check as does the river card and I win the pot just with A high.

Now if I was to have raised the BB in this hand the SB probably would have folded. So by not raising I extracted an extra bet on the flop which I would have otherwise not got.