Game Flow and 3 bet Pots

This video will look at the concept of game flow in 3bet pots. I think this is a really interesting video because most of the tough decisions you have to make in poker are big pots when you 3bet or you get 3bet so its a very important concept to understand and game flow has a lot to do with how you should react to 3bets.

This particular hand is the previous hand to give you an idea of what the player was more then likely thinking when playing the next hand. As you can see urfilthy just lost a big pot with a set when he definitely would have thought he was ahead in that spot.

The next hand I raise with 67s in the CO and the same player who is more then likely on tilt from the last hand decides to 3bet in the SB. Looking at his 3bet stats he has very high 3bet stats in position and out of position so he is definitely 3betting me with a wide range, especially considering the last hand.

Even though normally you are folding suited connectors in 3bet pots, because I have position and he more then likely doesn't have a premium hand I decided to call. When I get the miracle flop with a open ended straight draw and flush draw it's a standard shove, and luckily for me I hit the straight on the turn and take down the pot.