How to combat short stack players

A short stack is a player at the table with a low amount of chips. Typically they will have 20-40bb and will go all-in pre flop a lot more often to try and double up. If you have been playing the short handed no limit version of the game, then I am sure you have noticed many short stackers at the tables. More often then not they are weak players playing with scared money, so don't be scared to play them.

Playing against short stackers can be high variance, but if you know how to combat short stack players it can be very profitable. The strategy you should use to beat short stack players is different to deep stacked opponents.

You should not be playing suited connectors and low pocket pair type hands because you are not getting the implied odds. Play tight aggressive poker against short stack players.

In this particular hand I was dealt AK in the BB. One of the short stacks at the table raises from the BTN which they could be easily doing just to steal the blinds. I decide to make a re-raise with a premium hand like AK.

The short stack decides to move all in with about 40bb and I call. They show AT suited and I have them dominated.

This is standard 3bet against short stackers because they are looking to play high cards, hit a high pair type hand and go all in on the flop, so premium starting hands like AK/AQ play well against them. If they are getting aggressive with another Ax type hand I can have them dominated. What ranges you should shove and call with will depend on the type of short stack player.