The Art of Semi Bluffing

The semi bluff is something you want to include in your poker arsenal when you don't think you have the best hand but have some outs to improve your hand.

The opportunity usually presents itself on the turn, and you want to ensure that you only do it when the turn card improves your equity, so even if you get called you still have a pretty good chance of making the best hand on the river. If you don't have decent equity then you would be bluffing and not semi bluffing, which is never a good strategy because you have no way to win the pot.

Semi bluffing is a good strategy to use against tight players because they will likely fold to double barrelling a lot. Against aggressive players it may not work as well becuase if they put you on a draw they may raise which is not what you want.

This hand is a good example of semi bluffing. I was dealt A9s and make a standard raise with this hand for a 6-max game. I get called by a very tight player on the button.

The flop is very good to continuation bet considering its 7 high, so when the tight players calls they could be floating the flop with a hand like AK/AQ or any pair. The turn card improve my equity now that I have the flush draw so it's a good card to semi bluff because most of their range will fold and I can still make the best hand on the river.