Slow Playing Pocket Aces

This video will discuss the concept of slow playing pocket aces. Generally speaking you actually don't want to slow play pocket aces, you want to get your opponents to pay for draws because the worst thing you can do is give them a free card and allow them to hit their draw and make a better hand when you haven't made them pay for it.

In this particular hand I make a raise pre-flop with AA in MP to try and isolate a few players, but I actually get 4 callers which is never ideal with big pairs.

The flop is 8 K 2 which is a dry flop with two low cards and one high card. This type of flop is actually very good to slow play on the turn if you can do a jood job of hand reading your opponents. I make a standard continuation bet and get called by the player on the button, so I am pretty much putting them on a top pair hand, with their range being KT, KJ, KQ. AK would probably 3bet pre-flop.

The turn card is 3h but I am not too worried about the other player being on a flush draw if they have a top pair hand, so instead of betting the turn and perhaps getting them to fold a medium strength hand, it's better to slow play on the turn and check to fake weakness. The plan works and the player makes a big size bet which is usually an indiciation of weakness, and considering how much they have invested in the pot, I decide to check raise them all-in on the turn and extract more value by slow playing pocket aces.