Value Betting Loose Passive Players

Playing against loose passive players requries a different strategy to aggressive players. The ideal opponent to be value betting is the loose passive player, because they play too many hands and go too far with them, so you want to exploit this tendency by making them call with weak hands and give them incorrect odds for drawing hands. Often you will want to value bet on the river, but it can also apply on the turn as well.

This particular hand will give an example of value betting on the turn.

I raise in the CO with 75s, a one suited one gap connector, which is the bottom of my raising range in the CO. I didn't expect players who were still yet to act to re-raise so I thought it was fine raising this hand when I'm likely to have position in the hand. The SB is 64/9 which is very loose passive stats calls. On the flop I make top pair, which is more then likely the best hand against a loose passive player so I continuation bet. When the loose passive player called on the flop, I was putting them on the gut shot straight draw with a Ax hand or they could have possibly connected with the flop and have a worse pair. The turn is a 8 which doesn't change anything, so I decide to value bet the turn to make them pay for draws or a worse pair. The river is a 4 which pairs the board, and the backdoor flush gets there, so instead of going for a thin value bet on the river I just check back.