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Virtual Horse Races
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Virtual Horse Racing

Experience the Thrill of Owning, Training and Racing Virtual Horses

Do you love going to horse races so that you can place bets on your favorite horses and riders? If so, you will undoubtedly enjoy virtual horse racing which is becoming more and more popular on the internet. Even non-horse racing fans are enjoying the amazing experience as they can breed, own, care for, train and race their own stable of virtual thoroughbreds while interacting in online social circles with thousands of other online virtual horse games players.

Virtual Horse Races

Virtual horse games are now offered by several websites. These games are games of strategy and simulation in which players use real real money. Some free virtual horse racing websites provide players with some money for start. Players can breed, train, nominate and ride their virtual race horses against opponents from around the world. This type of game puts the player in complete control over his/her virtual stable and offers a first-hand insight into what top horse race owners and trainers endure through while preparing their horses for upcoming races.

The experience of full-screen 3D graphics with numerous camera angles create a very realistic experience which goes way beyond what one would receive when playing a console horse racing game. In virtual horse racing, after breeding, caring for and training your horse you can either select a jockey or act as the jockey yourself to get your horse ready for the next race. You are able to choose the races you participate in, assign a training routine to your horse and give your jockey racing instructions so that you can then sit back and watch the virtual horse games play out. There is little doubt that you will not be blown away by the excitement online horse racing offers as you sit on the edge of your seat and cheer while watching the very realistic, heart-pounding action on the track.

Virtual horse racing is for you if you have always wondered what it would be like to own a world-class equine athlete. No two races are the same in the online horse racing world and just like with real horse racing, skill and patience are required to consistently cross the finish line first. The outcomes of the horse races are determined by several factors including the race horses' speed and stamina, the track conditions, the pace of the races, distances of the races, post position and luck. Horses change lanes, become blocked and those running on the outside lose ground in the curves.

Virtual Horse Races

Virtual horse games are as close to real-life horse racing as you can get. You can play these games alone, with friends or enter online horse racing communities wherein you will be competing with other players for attractive amounts of prize money. If you are new to virtual horse racing you can play for free on many websites so that you become familiar with the many aspects of this type of game.

Virtual Horse Races

In horse race betting games you are able to make Win, Place, Show or Exotic bets including exacta, trifecta and superfecta wagers. In an owner/trainer game you are in charge of scheduling workouts for your race, choosing the races you wish to enter and telling your jockey what type of strategy to use. The goal in this type of virtual horse racing game is to train your horse so that it perform to its maximum potential. You will have to learn to check out the competition as you do not want to enter races with top horses that are hard to beat.

When you choose to be your own jockey in a game, you have to eye the competition, judge the pace of the race and decide when to make your moves on the track. You will be continuously challenged by the many different tracks available, the distances of the races and many other factors which come into play.

Virtual Horse Races

Virtual horse racing is enjoyed the world over by novices and experienced horse race fans alike. Many well-known jockeys regularly partake in virtual horse games as they can win large amounts of money and practice what they know best right from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. In right column you can find the best virtual horse games where you can start your virtual horse racing experience.

Virtual Horse Games

Virtual Horse Races
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