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Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart
Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart
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Basic Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack Betting Strategy

Basic Blackjack Betting Strategy

Research has shown that three out of around ten people that play blackjack stand or hit without really knowing when they should. The majority of them simply rely on overall instincts. Although instincts could be a good factor in actually winning games of blackjack, this is not always the case. Therefore, it is necessary for players to actually know whether they should stand or hit, simply by looking at cards that have already been dealt, as well as the overall cards that the dealer has in possession. Knowing whether to stand or to hit directly depends on the cards of the dealer and on blackjack strategy.

Betting Blackjack Strategy
Hit or Stand

According to basic blackjack betting strategy, players must constantly assume the down card of the dealer is ten. There is one blackjack strategy theory that states if the down card of the dealer is ten, and receives a six, the chances are that he will receive this card. If he receives a seven, the chances are that he will get busted or the probability of the player getting closer to a sum of 21 would be better.

After you learn how to play blackjack you can use blackjack basic strategy chart to maximize your chance of winning or in other words to minimize the house edge as much as possible. Basically there is no way (including blackjack betting strategy) considered by casinos legal (casinos consider card counting as illegal) that can be efficiently used to overcome the casino edge. That means it is statistically impossible to beat blackjack in long run even when you use the most advanced blackjack strategy card.

Strategy Chart

You can considerably increase your chance of winning in short term with blackjack betting strategy card. You can either print Casinator blackjack basic strategy chart or play at casinos that provide the strategy chart. A betting strategy chart is is basically simulation of the cards dealt in blackjack if certain situations are given, and this depends upon the number of decks and the house rules. There is also wide variety of books featuring basic and advanced blackjack strategies available.

Perfect Basic Blackjack Strategy with Early Payout Blackjack

Few online live dealer casinos provide blackjack version Early Payout Blackjack. This blackjack version eliminates bad decisions as the decisions are made by the dealer and are based on optimal basic blackjack strategy card. Especially players new to real money or free online blackjack games should first try this version available at some live blackjack casinos.

Early Payout Blackjack - Perfect Strategy

Some of the casinos that provide Early Payout Blackjack claim that the long term return is 99.95%. For more information about this version of blackjack check the live dealer blackjack section. Recommended casinos that provide live dealer Early Payout blackjack that does the perfect basic strategy can be found in right column.

Advanced Blackjack Strategies

Card counting is a blackjack strategy wherein you have to take note of the cards that were dealt, and by doing so, you will know if you are at an advantage or at a disadvantage with the remaining cards and increase your bet accordingly, hit, stand, or surrender.

Card Counting

Card counting is considered by casinos as illegal blackjack strategy. Online casinos prevent card counting by shuffling the cards before each hand is dealt. Land-based casinos are also trying to fight against this blackjack strategy by trying to spot card counting as well as taking measures to prevent it - increasing the number of decks to make it harder and forbidding middle deck entry of new players - players can enter the game only when all the decks are shuffled.

Check the resources in the right column if you want to learn more about card counting and other blackjack strategies.

Basic Blackjack Tips

Before playing blackjack, you have to take note of these simple blackjack basic strategy tips:

  1. Choose your blackjack table limit wisely where you can enjoy the game as long as possible
  2. Manage your bankroll.  The maxim “if the going gets tough, the tough gets going” is not applicable with any online gambling game.  If the going is, indeed, getting tough then the best blackjack strategy is to leave the game.
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Blackjack Betting Strategy Chart
Basic Blackjack Strategy View Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart
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Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

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