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Online Blackjack Tournaments
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Blackjack Tournaments

Online Blackjack Tournaments

Things are different when you’re in a blackjack tournament.  Your breathing quickens, your heart beats faster, there’s a sheen of sweat on your brow, and your mind is sharper – there’s an adrenaline rush that makes you play better, that makes you more competitive.  There’s something more than the prize at stake during online blackjack tournaments, and that thing is pride.  There’s a certain lure in being considered as ‘the best of the best’.  But of course, the prize really helps a lot too.  After all, who wouldn’t want that extra cash, for that matter?

Online Blackjack Tournaments

How are Blackjack Tournaments Played?

Some might wonder how online blackjack tournaments are played, especially since blackjack is a single player game where the player would only fight against the bank. Well, the major difference between the two is that in tournaments, you have to play against other players.  All of you will still play against the bank, that is, you will still be trying to get higher cards than the house, without going over 21.  But at the end of the game, the participants will compare their winnings.  The one with the most winnings will be declared the champion.  So, of course, the better your card counting skills and tournaments strategy skills are, then the higher your chance of winning is.

Blackjack Table

Sometimes, there are blackjack rules that are made for the sake of the blackjack tournament. Some online blackjack tournaments, for example, only have a set number of rounds for each game.  Also, most tournaments would give the players a set amount of chips at the beginning of the game, so that all players would start on a level ground.  However, tournaments rules change depending on the host, so be sure to study the rules of whichever blackjack tournament you’re joining before going in.  You don’t want to lose by default.

Tablecurt's revenge
Tablecurt's revenge betting strategy

Blackjack Tournament Strategy and Tips

Since blackjack is a game which uses a combination of skill and luck, there are certain blackjack tournament strategies which you can use in order to boost your game. The of course are different to the blackjack basic strategy.  First of all, know how good you are at the game. If you do not know how to do card counting neither you know anything about blackjack tournament strategy thus just rely on pure luck, then don’t stretch the game. Some players would just bet all their chips in the first round in an all or nothing move. If they win, then they already have a considerable amount of money and would be in a good running for the top spot, even without card counting skills.  But if they lose, they would be out of the game immediately. It’s a very risky online blackjack tournament strategy because even that such a player wins that does not guarantee the top spot. This strategy becomes much more powerful when playing the elimination hands or the last hand of online blackjack tournaments.

Place Bet

Those blackjack players that are interested in the proper blackjack tournament strategy should read probably the best book written on casino tournament strategy including blackjack tournaments. The title of the book is "Casino Tournament Strategy". Author Stanford Wong is one of the foremost blackjack tournament players and in the book covers strategies that he and his blackjack team invented when playing in tournaments and watching others play. You will learn that in tournament blackjack the tournaments skill (knowing when and how much to bet) is much more more important than blackjack skill (basic blackjack strategy and card counting strategies). Different strategies apply for different online blackjack tournament formats, make sure to always check the online blackjack tournament rules.

Some of the useful online blackjack tournaments strategies are the following:

  • proportional betting - at the beginning of blackjack tourneys is recommended betting proportion of bankroll that equals or is less than your edge over dealer, if you cannot count cards then it's the minimum
    progression - using multiple bets to hit your bankroll target, first you bet 1/7 of your bankroll then 1/3 and then the rest, if you hit any of those you hit your target - probability 86%, if 1/7 not enough then bet 1/3 straight away for probability 73%, probability of winning all in is 48%
  • betting opposite - if you are trying to catch chip dealer, if he bets max and you bet min there is 48% chance he loses, if you bet max there is 12% chance you win and he loses
  • curt's revenge - blackjack tournaments betting strategy that can be used when chasing the chip leader in a way when the current runner-up overtakes the chip leader in case that both players win (double down required) or lose the last hand
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Online Blackjack Tournaments

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